Too Much Dragon*Con!

I’ve been blogging incessantly about Dragon*Con and all things con-ish. I just can’t take it anymore (even though I have at least 2 more posts coming, including the one featuring Hot Babes!)

On to more important things:

Skepticality is a great podcast. Go! Listen!

The Prez (“Tacos Rule!”) flew into Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, Georgia today, which so happens to be right across the street from my office. I was intending to run out and get a picture of Air Force One, but alas, no luck. It seems (in my very uneducated opinion) that AF1 is vewwy vewwy quiet. I neither heard it land, nor take off, which is unusual, because I’ve heard some really small planes take off from that runway. Maybe next time.

Need a Random Number? Click this link…

An acquaintance of ours costumed himself as Gungrave for Dragon*Con (I can’t escape!), but more on that later.

I’m the number one hit for ruhsam on google, today.

I’m almost done with this glass of Bushmill’s whiskey I’m drinking, which might be contributing to the randomness.

I think I should start a clearinghouse for all things Ruhsam! I’m totally dissociated from the majority of my relatives. This is on account that I have no first cousins, and all my second cousins live way north in Wisconsin, etc. There are a few poking around in other places, but I really couldn’t tell you where.


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