Dragon*Con Review: Podcasting

Part IV in an n part series. See here, here, and here for others.

One of the session tracks at Dragon*Con concerned Podcasting in its various forms. I did not attend any sessions except one, which was hosted by, among others, Phil Plait a.k.a. The Bad Astronomer, who was the only reason I attended. Phil Plait at Dragon*Con '06, during a Science in Podcasting session

My original intention was to see what Phil had to say, but I became very interested in the session itself during the hour. I was made to see how easy it is to publish a podcast, assuming you have something to say that’s worth somebody’s time. It made me ask myself, “Do I have anything interesting to talk about that people would want to listen to?”

I don’t know.

I have some ideas, and it may involve some of the people I know, but the first warning I may give for a produced podcast may be on this blog when I post it!

Poking around on the internet shows that the equipment and software needed to broadcast your melodious self by MP3 is easily attainable, if you don’t have it already. One Microphone (check!), one set of speakers (check!), one nicely put-together piece of software for audio recording and editing (check! check!) and something that will export to MP3 (check!). Now I just need to put together something to say that would be worth 15 minutes of your time.

Of course, the equipment I’ve got is pretty substandard from a recording industry perspective. I’ve got the mic off my headset, and I’m sure I’ll run into feedback problems using my computer speakers for playback. But, I don’t intend to run out and spend money on headphones and low dB microphones until this thing becomes something useful and regular.

We shall see. Maybe it will be 15 minutes of me singing It’s a Small World

The Hosts of the Science in Science Podcasting session at Dragon*Con '06.  (LtR) Phil Plait, Swoopy, Fraser Cain, Derek ColandunoThe podcasting session was hosted by Phil Plait, as I mentioned, but he was present as a science expert and occasional Podcastee, rather than a Podcastor. The other three were Swoopy and Derek Colanduno from Skepticality, and Fraser Cain of Universe Today. It was a rockin’ good session.

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