Dragon*Con 2006


As you may notice from the categories tags, Dragon*Con was a multi-threaded, awesomely spectacular, ravingly cool, devastatingly delicious weekend. There’s so much to talk about, I’m not sure where to start. This will probably end up being a multiple posting.

I’ll start by saying, I bought a new camera the week before Dragon*Con, and I’m still working with the settings. Unfortunately, I had the white balance set on tungsten all weekend, so my pictures are a bit blue. I’ll be photoshopping them to adjust the color balance before I post anything. ‘Til then, you’ll just have to deal with my descriptions.

I think I will leave this post as is. Dragon*Con 2006 was great! I’ve already made hotel reservations for next year.

[editorital addition] It seems this post is similar to last year’s post. That’s ok! I feel that this year was even better, but that is probably because of the bevey of friends that made the trip here for the Con.

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2 Responses to Dragon*Con 2006

  1. Tenner says:

    Robin and I had an absolutely and tremendously awesome time. There are no words, and I’ve been getting a huge emotional hangover from this whole thing.

    I wasn’t really sure when I signed on what to expect, and you’re right — there was no shortage of things to do or people to see, even if you’re not the hugest sci-fi fan.

  2. sarah beth says:

    my brother

    hey hey hey omg dont u trust me????lol
    its not like id have wild parties……
    im not that bad
    but n eway si have a blog
    it is sarahbethjrr i think in like the url thing anyways so yeah
    okeydokey oh and this is not spam!!!!!!!!!!!

    and omg i cant liek sit still enough to read one of those books

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