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My oh My. Tolkien is Spinning at 400 RPM…

Without a doubt, the Lord of the Rings will not stop being reinterpreted until some post-modern deconstructionist proves that it never existed in the first place. Next it will be in Mime.

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Don’t forget that todaytomorrow is International Talk like a Pirate Day!

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Asia -> Spain: Holy Crap that's a long way!

I’ve been hearing a lot of press recently about the Canary Isands being the port of harbor for African illegal immigration to Europe. The geography makes good sense. The Canaries are only 150 miles (give or take) off of Morocco. … Continue reading

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Flag Displays in the Classroom

Over at, the geography man Matt Rosenberg has caused a bit of a rucus in the comments of this post. Do you think the Mexican flag should be displayed with “equal promininence” to the US flag in an American … Continue reading

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Is that a lens in your pocket or are you REALLY happy to see me?

Carl Zeiss has gone where no one has gone before. Wow, I need one for my Digital Rebel XT.

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Lonelygirl15 has been Unmasked

Turns out that Lonelygirl15 wasn’t as lonely as she appeared in the internet video shorts. Here’s the first YouTube video, I leave the rest as a exercise for the reader.

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The NSA-T&T likes Me! And You?

I was all ready to get worked up about this but then I checked around and realized it was a fake. God I hope it’s a fake… National Surveillance Agency? There’s No Such Agency…

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AOL and its Customer Service Practices

I know nothing about AOL. I know nothing about AOL’s services, customer treatment, or business practices. I’ve never had an AOL account and been one of “them.” However, this link, forwarded to me by Meandering Starre shows a depth of … Continue reading

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So, You Want to be an Astrophysicist?

ScienceBlogs contains a large number of useful, cogent, and entertaining blogs. One of them I was popping around on has a series of posts titled, So you want to be an Astrophysicist? Ahhh, where was the internet when I was … Continue reading

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"This Film is Not Yet Rated"

The NY Times (once again, I’m the NYT’s bitch) had an article this morning about a new movie coming out titled This Film Is Not Yet Rated. It is a documentary about the American film rating system (G, PG, PG-13, … Continue reading

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