Snakes on a Plane

As several of my friends have already noted, a bunch of people in geographically disparate locations saw Snakes on a Plane this opening weekend.

My general impression/review is: Exactly what I expected. Campy, stupid, yet still righteously awesome.

I found it to be a little bit too gratutitously violent, though. Especially when the violence/gore didn’t serve any purpose beyond trying to freak out the audience.

More comments follow. Beware SPOILERS.

Be sure to hang up all skepticism at the door or you’ll be a basket case during this movie. During the scene where Sam Jackson shoots out two windows to get the snakes sucked out into the atmosphere (“I’m tired of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!”) all I could think was, “Adam and Jamie on Mythbusters totally busted this one.” That and the comment in a previous scene (which was conveniently forgotten during the shooting-out-the-windows scene), “You can’t shoot a gun in this pressurized cabin! You’ll kill us all.” I pitied the actors who had to utter some of the lines.

But, in totality, the movie delivered exactly what we wanted to see. Otherwise we would not have paid to see it. Seeing the two mile-high clubbers getting bitten on the nips was entertaining. The Red Shirts on the plane are obvious from the beginning, with a few exceptions. The snakes are fun, and I want to inflate the raft next time I’m on an aircraft.

But, really! If a criminal mastermind can arrange to have a zillion snakes on a plane, why can’t he arrange to just have the witness shot?

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