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Jeff Greene

My phone rang this afternoon with a wrong number. As my habit is, I typed the number into Google to see who was calling me. It turns out to be Jeff Greene, a composer and bassist originally from Jonesboro, GA. … Continue reading

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Media Assasiniation

It’s official. John Karr is guilty of the JonBenet Ramsey killing in 1996. I know this because the media is now addressing him as John Mark Karr. History shows that killers have three names: John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, … Continue reading

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Dark Matter!

The one, the only…Dark Matter! Direct evidence of dark matter has been found. At least according to the press release by NASA. I do not pretend to fully understand this topic, but I think it is the height of coolness … Continue reading

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Pluto, redux?

Well! As posted here, and here, I’ve been talking about this whole “Planet” thing. Now there’s more development. Apparently the IAU is revising their revised revision again, and might eliminate Pluto from the planet list, dropping back to the 8 … Continue reading

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I'm Tired of these Mother****ing Yellowjackets on my Mother****ing Driveway

Title says it all. Ouch Ouch Ouch ******* 22:00 Update: I’m usually a proponent of “green” outdoor chemicals, but not with bees/wasps/yellowjackets. I Raided their ass about an hour ago.

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Snakes on a Plane

As several of my friends have already noted, a bunch of people in geographically disparate locations saw Snakes on a Plane this opening weekend. My general impression/review is: Exactly what I expected. Campy, stupid, yet still righteously awesome. I found … Continue reading

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We've got 12 Planets!

It’s official! The voting membership of the IAU has accepted the draft definition of “Planet.” This means that we’ve got three new planets, with many many more to come. Ceres, the planet formerly known as an asteroid, takes the coveted … Continue reading

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Pluto, Plutons, Plutonium, Plutae?

The International Astronomical Union has posted a draft definition of “planet” that will serve to define our solar system and all others for all time! Well, not exactly, as Phil Plait over at points out quite well. The rules … Continue reading

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