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I’ve been a critic of movie critics for a good long time now. I have found that they do not jive with my own views (usually) so there’s no real point in listening to them when I’m going to go see the movie anyhow and formulate my own opinion.

Then I moved to Atlanta, and started receiving the NY Times emails every morning. I have found the Atlanta Journal Constitution and NY Times reviews to be cogent and accurate (again, with my own humble opinions) so I’ve started relying on them for pre-viewing movie screening.

That does not, however, keep them from occasionally going off the deep end. For example, from the NY Times critic Manohlan Dargis concerning Superman Returns:

Mr. Singer expends much more time and many more resources to do pretty much the same, erasing part of the past to create what is essentially a new and considerably more sober sequel to the first two films, one that shakes the earthiness off Superman and returns him to the status of a savior. There’s always been a hint of Jesus (and Moses) to the character, from the omnipotence of his father to a costume that, with its swaths of red and blue, evokes the colors worn by the Virgin Mary in numerous Renaissance paintings. It’s a hint that proves impossible not to take.

I’m sorry, but I don’t believe I’ve ever taken the hint about Superman and the Virgin Mary. Silly me.

Apparently, there is quite a bit about the Superman/Virgin Mary thing. 91,800 hits as of today.

Jesus! (exactly)

Jenn and I saw this movie last night. Review to follow.

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