Rush to Vitamin V!

Rush Limbaugh was detained at Palm Beach International Airport for possessing Viagra without a prescription.


I’m probably the second-to-last person on planet Freak to defend Rush Limbaugh (because he is a total nutjob), but this is a little over the top. What the heck is Homeland Security doing? Reading everyone’s prescription pill bottles to make sure they are carrying their own and not the ones prescribed for Osama Bin Laden? Is one pill bottle a matter of importance to Customs? Is this normal procedure? Questions, questions, questions.

The story does not go into details of the actual search, so I’m assuming he was searched for normal reasons, but for them to compare names on that bottle seems like going the extra mile. If the dude needs Vitamin V to make the beast with two backs, then for gu’s sake, let him! If it’s not his prescription, and he’s taking it without a doctor’s order, than his health problems will be just that: His.

Let him get back on the radio and rant about people who are doing drugs and hiring illegals and all that hypocritical stuff. The government has got better things to do than worry about him. Once the Democrats are back in power, then they can really persecute him.

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