Google Sketchup

No, Google is not making ketchup. They’ve “recently” released a 3D modeling package for free download (with a licensed option for commerical use). It is an easy, intutitive modeler that allows you to quickly build three dimensional models of buildings and rooms. At least, that’s as far as I’ve gotten with it. It is not a true 3D modeler in the sense of ProEngineer or Unigraphics, but it will let you build a house or an apartment room or a building to scale. To see some examples, go to the 3D Warehouse.

This seems like the perfect thing to use to design our downstairs renovation. At least, to get an idea for it. I don’t think it will drill down to the depth of placing fixtures and plumbing and electrical lines. But, I won’t have to do all the work on paper, or with Microstation CAD software at work!

I believe that this software was mentioned to me previously by fraudirector and mdsteele47. Yay them!

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