Shameless Mercantilism? Or Laziness?

The astute among you (or the not-so-blind) will notice the Amazon Links on the sidebar of the blog.

Don’t get all huffy! I don’t expect to make any money with this thing. I’ve let my book list die over the last year or so, and have recently decided it needs to make some sort of comeback. I’ve seen on a nice sidebar that lists what people are currently reading and thought “gee, that looks cool. I should do that!”

Voila! Although I’m not currenlty satisfied. I do not like how blatantly commercial it all looks (although I used the option to not show prices, as you can see. I don’t really care if anybody clicks through and buys these books on my account. I don’t really care if I get any checks from amazon for sending people their way. I just want a low maintenance, non hassling way to get book titles and images up on my blog.

Come back later and see if it has changed. I’ll tweak it as time goes by.

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