Prairie Home, Hurricanes, and Levi's Call

Messy title, for a messy post. Here goes…

We saw A Prairie Home Companion on Friday. I confess that I had high expectations for this movie, given the character of the radio show from Minnesota Public Radio. We arrived a few minutes before show time and didn’t have any problem getting seats. Let’s just say that if I had to pick the type of people who would show up for this movie, you would have found them all sitting around us. I felt like the cast of a Woody Allen movie.

Speaking of a Woody Allen movie, one was advertised during previews. Again, surprise, surprise. This one looks interesting, however, and it has Scarlett Johannsen and Hugh Jackman in it, which is always good for me.

Movie Review: Clustered and Claustrophobic. There were times when all of the actors (and this was a Who’s Who of Hollywood) were talking incessantly at the same time, and it was driving me nuts. Just SHUT UP people! If that’s what really toes goes on behind curtains at the show, I don’t understand why there haven’t been murders. There was no overarching theme that I could detect, merely several interwoven plot lines that didn’t seem to have much to do with each other. Given that Garrison Keillor wrote this, I’m sure there were deep dark levels of meaning and symbology that I missed, but I don’t go to movies to sit and THINK about them. I’m not an indie foreign film kind of guy. Overall, I was disappointed, especially because it seemed like nothing ever happened. The whole movie was just…nothing ever happening. Very annoying. For reference, my favorite character throughout was Guy Noir, played by Kevin Kline.

If you want a glowing comment, go to the imdb site and read it. I’d recommend it as a rental for anyone who’s interested. Don’t pay the $8.50 to see it in the theater.

Next up! The Carolina Hurricanes sure got served last night. I don’t recall any Stanley Cup game 6’s where one team sucked quite that badly. They should give up and join the Atlanta Braves, who are plumbing the depths of suckedness right now.

Lastly, and this is more of a rant than anything else, but you would figure, if a state goes through all of the effort to set up an AMBER Alert system (missing child notification, which is a Levi’s Call in Georgia), and especially in the Atlanta Metropolitan area where we use highway message boards, radio calls, cable tv alerts, etc., that I would be able to find information regarding said alert when it appears across my spanish-language World Cup channel!

Nope! All of the relevant Georgia Bureau of Investigation websites are hosed, probably by people trying to get the info on the alert. All of the local news channels have…nothing on their webpages regarding this. Georgia-Navigator, which is the website for the Georgia DOT and it’s traffic management system has nothing.

The System is not working… So much for Big Brother. I Just checked again and all of the websites are still hosed. Maybe georgia should invest in some more servers…

Update 1253: Still no findable information on the AMBER Alert. The Georgia-navigator site at least is showing that the message boards around town are displaying “CHILD ABDUCTION ALERT, BLUE CHEVY S-10 P/U, TAG UNKNOWN.” GBI’s website for Levi’s call doesn’t have any current info, it’s solely about the requirements for issuing a Levi’s Call. Blah blah blah. The system isn’t working!

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