Moronic Self Loathing = "Treasure Hunt"

I just wasted 45 minutes of my life. Usually, I don’t mind pissing away the allotted time I have before death, but this time, I resent it right down to my toenails.

We Tivo’d NBC’s Treasure Hunt (to which I refuse to hyperlink) this evening. We sat down and started up the Tivo and slowwwwly our brains melted away.

Quick synopsis: Several teams of three persons are given clues in a competitive race to be first to find a treasure. I imagine this is NBC’s response to The Great Race, but I’ve never watched that so I can’t say for certain.

This has got to be the most inane, moronic, stupid, insipid, and even degrading show I’ve watched in years! There’s no “hunt” about this treasure hunt. Each team is given a very specific path to follow and they can’t move on until they’ve got it right. I was hoping the helicopters waiting to take the Alaskan teams on their second trip would allow them to go to the wrong spot, but alas, that was not how the producers wanted it to be. They could not move until they’d figured the clue out correctly. Damn stupid.

Suffice to say, I’ll not be watching any more of that tripe.

[my apologies to all Tripe lovers in the world]

UPDATE: After ranting above, I found this article that reviews the show. The man who writes that review talks about the product placement in the show, namely that each team is equipped with a Laptop with special access to, a Visa Card, and a Motorola Razor. This sort of thing is normal, except, of course, for the Razor to Ring Ring Ring while they’re in the middle of freaking nowhere Alaska and Hawaii. Pardon me, but I didn’t see the cell tower mounted to the glacier nearby.

I’m still pissed about this show. I watched all three seasons of Average Joe, but there at least I knew what I was in for, and got what I bargained for. NBC is soooo going down in my estimation.

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