Performing my duty as the NY Times’ bitch, I mention this story (which you probably won’t be able to access after today) wherein they speak of a new data center that Google is building in Oregon.

The fact that Google is behind the data center, referred to locally as Project 02, has been reported in the local press. But many officials in The Dalles, including the city attorney and the city manager, said they could not comment on the project because they signed confidentiality agreements with Google last year.

“No one says the ‘G’ word,” said Diane Sherwood, executive director of the Port of Klickitat, Wash., directly across the river from The Dalles, who is not bound by such agreements. “It’s a little bit like He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in Harry Potter.”

Heh heh. Voldemort and Google are teaming up to take over the world! Maybe Bill Gates is Voldemort? Nahhhh. He’s too “pretty.”

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