Let's Go Whalers!

I watched the first two periods of Hurricanes/Oilers game last night. ‘Twas quite exciting. However, I did not know who won until I checked the score this morning (Suprise! Oilers screwed the pooch!).

But that is all secondary to the reason for this post. Checking the SI article to see what happened in the game, I come across this quote at the bottom.

And a few especially knowledgeable fans showed up in green-and-blue Hartford Whalers attire…

Why, if you know the Hurricanes were once the Hartford Whalers, are you especially knowledgeable? This same sports writer would probably expect you to know the exact lineage of the Milwaukee Braves or the Houston Oilers. Yet if it’s Hockey, it must be obscure and therefore a challenge to have any back-history knowledge.

Freaking sports writers. Living in their own world…

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