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Superman Returns

I was going to review this movie, but Phil Plait (who will be at Dragon*Con this year! I’ll see you there, Phil!) did a great job and hit all of the high spots. Except a few… SPOILERS FOLLOW Such as:

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Movie Reviews

I’ve been a critic of movie critics for a good long time now. I have found that they do not jive with my own views (usually) so there’s no real point in listening to them when I’m going to go … Continue reading

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I Hate Being a Cliche

“I’m getting old.” I’ve heard that phrase. I’ve even used that phrase although I don’t really mean it. Not yet anyway. However, last night, I managed to pull two or three muscles in my back while sitting on the couch. … Continue reading

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Because the Bible Tells Us So

I was popped over to this site today from Pharyngula and I caught myself reading some of it. I don’t think this is the sort of faith that I could be a part of. Six-day creationists are just not with … Continue reading

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Copa Mundial

Go Ghana! Oh, darn… I’ve been watching plenty of World Cup Soccer this time around. The broadcast schedule has been convenient for me to watch at least a half-game during lunchtime at work. I didn’t see Ghana lose to Brazil, … Continue reading

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Intelligent Smoking?

Doing my morning read of the NY Times headlines email, I noticed the following article, “A Warning on Hazards of Secondhand Smoke.” Inside this article is found, “I am here to say the debate is over: the science is clear,” … Continue reading

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Blog Splurge!

I’ve been cleaning up my to-be-blogged-about list today, as you can tell if you read my blog. What with Rush Limbaugh being detained and the Israeli Defence Force moving into Gaza and all the other crap going on in the … Continue reading

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Not-so Random Acts

This link puts me into mind of a comment a friend made today. “People just don’t do things for each other anymore.” I’m glad that’s not entirely true. As posted by Binxcat.

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Pressure Tanks Are Not Playthings

“Holy Pressure Vessels Batman!” Don’t do this at home. Gas pressure is not necessarily your friend. Take this article for example. This guy was killed by the air pressure alone. 140 pounds per square inch across your chest (approximately 12″x12″ … Continue reading

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What Would Aslan Do? This link has been sitting in my “to blog about” folder for a while. It neatly sums up my feelings concerning the media warriors and their interpretations of the facts surrounding us. I hate being lumped … Continue reading

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