I'm feeling buff…

10 Miles today. Wow. I have not run that far since high school. And I did not do it very often then, either. I can confidently say that I’m in pretty good shape for a 32 year-old office worker!

Two weeks until the Fifth Runway 5K when I get to see how fast I can run on a flat-as-can-be course. I’m really psyched about running on the fifth runway before it opens. How often can you say you’ve walked around on one of the (soon to be) busiest runways in the whole wide world?

Two months until the Peachtree Road Race. Through an interesting series of events, we have four numbers (for the two of us), so we’ll wait to see which numbers are best and give the other two to some lucky people. We’re hoping to be in the second or third group, but we shall see. Last year we were in the sixth and it took us 37 minutes to cross the start line.

And lastly, it’s three and two-thirds months until the Peachtree City Triathlon. I need to get back into the pool.

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