I guess I’m feeling strangely verbose today. Already this morning, I’ve posted two non-trivial comments over at Live Journal, which are locked to friends only (so sad); I’ve responded to several workish emails in greater-than-two-word-sentences; I cruelly insisted on discussing (at least attempting to discuss) day plans with my wife while she was sleepily lying face down on her pillow making little tiny noises which—roughly translated—meant “fuck off”; and now I’m placing an unusual amount of text on my own blog.

How odd.

To Sum Up:

2 month project in 3 weeks

Perhaps one of the major reasons for this effluence of words is that I just don’t feel like attacking the work on my desk. We (transportation department) just finished compressing a two-month production schedule to three weeks. The plans go in today! So, I’m a bit burned out on that project and the other projects that were back-burnered I need to refamiliarize with. Don’t feel like I’m up to that before nine.

Computer Drive Crapped Out

Jenn’s slave hard drive crapped out last night. This was my first hard drive crash ever so I had fun learning new things. Topofthehill recommended an interesting attempt to temporarily recover the HD, just long enough to copy the information off of the drive. So, now the HD is sitting in my freezer waiting for me to get home and reinstall it for an attempt at backup.

This will end up in us purchasing a new computer, but hey, the old one is 5 years old, and of the two of us, Jenn requires a reliable computer and associated hardware.


I purchased a new album recently. I had heard an interview with the artist on Weekend Edition some time ago and have just now gotten around to buying the album. Liz Carroll and John Doyle’s “In Play” has a lot of good fiddle music, if you like that sort of thing.

Blue Angels

The Blue Angels will be here this weekend! Woohoo! I still can’t wait.


Jenn and I signed up for a triatholon sprint in August. We will be running the Tri-Peachtree City Triathlon and our goal is to finish. It’s a sprint distance (0.3 mile swim, 12.4 mile bike, 3.1 mile run) so it aint no Ironman, but I imagine that it will do a good job crushing us anyway. We’re both running right now, but we’ve got to go buy bikes in order to do the biking portion of the race, and I get to teach Jenn how to swim better. I knew I was a boy scout waterfront instructor for a good reason!


Boy do I need to weed the front hill of our house. I’d give you a picture, but I don’t have one. Last year I let them go and they got SOOOOO huge that it looked like a forest of ragweed. It took me a week in the fall to clean it all out. This year, I’m not letting it go that far. I have to mow tonight anyway, so maybe I’ll weed, too.


I was going to travel to Lubbock, TX, to see friends next month, but with our little IRS snafu this year, plus the sudden need for a new computer, I think I’m going to stay home. I will have to make it out there sometime, but I don’t think this month will be that time.

Thusly ends my torrent of information.

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