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I guess I’m feeling strangely verbose today. Already this morning, I’ve posted two non-trivial comments over at Live Journal, which are locked to friends only (so sad); I’ve responded to several workish emails in greater-than-two-word-sentences; I cruelly insisted on discussing … Continue reading

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“They’re Made out of Meat,” is one of the best short internet videos I’ve seen in a while. Check it out.

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I’m totally psyched (a.k.a. stoked) for the Dobbins ARB Air Show this weekend in Marietta, GA. The Blue Angels are performing and they are totally [bleep]-ing awesome. Right now, as I type, they are rehearsing over my head—my office is … Continue reading

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Badger Badger Badger…

Slightly Different Badger to the one I was introduced to. Listen and enjoy the hell… And when you’re done with the badgers, make sure you check out the Real LOTR.

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Thank You For Smoking

We saw Thank You For Smoking on Friday.* We enjoyed it immensely. Originally, we’d seen the previews and thought, “Hey, that looks like a good movie,” but then it came out and didn’t show up in our local theaters. Hmmmm…must … Continue reading

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Jesus was a Zombie

If you don’t watch Bones on Fox. You should… Tonight, the main character insinuated that Jesus was a Zombie. Pretty damn funny.

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"This appears…"

If you’re not aware of the man who has been arrested and charged with murdering a young girl with plans to eat her, go to the link. In the linked article is this quote: “Regarding a potential motive,” Purcell Police … Continue reading

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That's a Lot of Paper

I work for an Engineering Consultant firm. As part of our job, we prepare plans and a step in the Georgia Department of Transportation’s plan review process is to plot multiple (11) sets of both full-sized (22″x34″) and half-sized plans. … Continue reading

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Flying Spaghetti Monster Runs Amok!

Kansas Board of Education member Connie Morris comes face to face with his noodly appendage and was not touched. All Hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster

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Life on Earth is 135' Long!

This link, stolen from Pharyngula, displays the evolutionary timeline on one webpage. If you printed it out, it would be 135′ long. Clicking to the right over and over again gives you a feeling on just how long 3.5 billion … Continue reading

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