Road Runner?

Well, yesterday it was a pizza-sized hole.

Today, it’s a miscue from another AJC writer, Phil Kloer.

I was looking at the movie review for Ice Age II and read this:

Scrat is the name of the adorable little prehistoric squirrel-thingie in the 2002 movie “Ice Age,” whose wordless, fruitless pursuit of a single acorn was that flick’s funniest running gag. As relentlessly inventive and doomed to failure as Road Runner [ed. emphasis], Scrat is practically Chaplinesque in the purity and futility of his quest.

Road Runner? Wasn’t that Wile E. Coyote? I could have sworn that was the critter getting repeatedly blown up, smashed, run over, etc. Alas, I believe we have another case of someone writing for a deadline without really reading it.

Speaking of the Coyote. I saw another spoof bumper sticker the other day. You are, I’m sure, familiar with the “W. The President” square black stickers. Then there is “F the President” which I find amusing. The new one was “W. The Coyote.” Very nice…

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