Lefties are more Dangerous!

In this month’s Scientific American, they have a short blurb at the front speaking about lateralization of animals, which in humans manifests as right or left handedness. Here’s the link. I have no idea how long it will work, so good luck.

The studies that it was covering were trying to determine why animals developed lateralization in the first place (not only humans, but chimps and fish are right- or left-sided), from an evolutionary standpoint.

The main theory says that better cooperation leads to better group survival, i.e. all of the fish swimming to the left in reaction to a predator.

Of course the main theory on why lefties exist is that group lateralization might increase survival through cooperation but it also increases competition. Therefore lefties make better predators.

So, next time all you lefties are bumping elbows with someone at the table, just lean over and bite them and explain that it’s your survival instinct.

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