"V for Vendetta"

I find it dissapointing that so many movie reviewers are poo-poohing this movie. I saw it and I liked it!

Of course, given the nature of the previews, you might expect (understandably) that it’s an action film, which it is not. And, you might expect that because of the Wachowski brothers’ involvement that it would be a ground-breaking cinematographic epoch, which it’s not (but neither were Matrices II and III).

But, it is a good tale, with good acting on the part of the main characters. The obvious parallels references to the War on Terror are a bit overblown, and the Nazi-esque symbolism is way over the top, but if you ignore the backdrop and concentrate on V and Evey (Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman), I think you will be satisfied.

Natalie Portman has a cute head, by the way.

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