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Road Runner?

Well, yesterday it was a pizza-sized hole. Today, it’s a miscue from another AJC writer, Phil Kloer. I was looking at the movie review for Ice Age II and read this: Scrat is the name of the adorable little prehistoric … Continue reading

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How deep is that hole?

Quoting from the opening sentence of an article in this morning’s AJC by Dave Hirschman. Hip-deep in a pizza-sized hole, electrician Ken Hunter crimps some of the hundreds of miles of wiring that soon will illuminate the $1.28 billion fifth … Continue reading

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Lefties are more Dangerous!

In this month’s Scientific American, they have a short blurb at the front speaking about lateralization of animals, which in humans manifests as right or left handedness. Here’s the link. I have no idea how long it will work, so … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Bridge: Bastion of Bomb-fearers

Little did we know but all we had to do in case of nuclear attack was go to the Brooklyn Bridge for supplies. I like this quote: “Also, there were cans of high-calorie crackers with instructions to consume 10,000 calories … Continue reading

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Blogoshpere: The Great Experiment

Free speech is a wonderful thing; I fully support it. I think Fred Phelps is currently the USA’s biggest penis-head, but I support his right to preach his message of hate. The blogosphere has increased everyone’s ability to get their … Continue reading

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Crazy stuff you learn by surfing

Through a long and tortuous chain of links and lookups1, I came upon an interesting wikipedia entry: Flag of Convenience. Did you know that you can register a ship (an ocean-going SHIP!) in Mongolia! You can have a ship sailing … Continue reading

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Happy Equinox!

Five days ago we celebrated the Ides of March. Today we get to celebrate the our free annual trip around the sun! I like the solstices and equinoxes (equinoxae? equinices?) because no one has latched onto them like the Hallmark … Continue reading

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"V for Vendetta"

I find it dissapointing that so many movie reviewers are poo-poohing this movie. I saw it and I liked it! Of course, given the nature of the previews, you might expect (understandably) that it’s an action film, which it is … Continue reading

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First Round Pain!

Well, so much for me picking Iowa to win this years NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. [sigh] I was doing well first round right up to that moment. All of my first round picks that had not made it to second … Continue reading

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Drug of Choice

You know you drink too much coffee when, upon arriving at work and discovering no coffee, you jitter while it brews and then—almost orgasmically—sigh with the first sip. I need to detoxify.

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