Super Bowl XL

Item: Yay for Live halftime shows! Despite their lackluster performance, I give the Rolling Stones 2ThumbsUP (“One for the Thumb!”) for doing the show live. Thank god there were no wardrobe malfunctions to deal with.

Item: Could the Seahawks have been more lame? I don’t think so. They soundly beat themselves, despite any (disputed) referee miscalls. And, they got one big call in their favor during the first half, when the fumble-that-wasn’t was ruled as an incomplete pass. Unless they’ve changed the rules on me (control plus two steps or a “football move”) that was definitely a fumble. And that “downed by contact” that was ruled instead of a fumble was just luck on the Seahawks part. There was no part of that light touch that caused the fumble and it’s merely the letter of the rule that saved their bacon on that one.

Item: It’s bad when I, a profound football noob, am yelling at the TV about wasted play time at the end of the half and the game. If I can see it, why can’t they?

Item: It must suck to go to the Super Bowl and be definitely the Away Team. That was a truly Pittsburgh Home Field.

Item: The MacGyver commercial rocked! My favorite, followed closely by the Ameriquest defibrillator paddle commercial, and then the “Streaker.”

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