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Miss-covery Institute

Well! What exciting news out of Ohio! The state school board removed language from the curriculum requiring “critical analysis” of evolution. I won’t get into the details, as they are better covered at The Panda’s Thumb, but there was a … Continue reading

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Cheney: Inmate 3392209

So, what happens if the man who was accidentally shot by Vice President Cheney dies of his injuries? Will Cheney be faced with a reckless homicide or involuntary manslaughter charge? Shotgun-gate!

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"Forced To Resign"

I was reading a NY Times article today concerning the difficulties Harvard’s President is having with his Faculty. Sounds like they are having fun up in Cambridge. However, that’s not the point of today’s random rambling. Inside the article was … Continue reading

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Super Bowl XL

Item: Yay for Live halftime shows! Despite their lackluster performance, I give the Rolling Stones 2ThumbsUP (“One for the Thumb!”) for doing the show live. Thank god there were no wardrobe malfunctions to deal with. Item: Could the Seahawks have … Continue reading

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Dummies Dummies Dummies

Instead of writing my monograph, or cleaning the toilets, or staring at the rainfall, I watched 5000 blow-up dolls get loaded into the Rose Bowl. Link from BoingBoing

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Where's Zoolander?

A new spokesperson steps forth! Check out Go Fug Yourself.

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