The Worst Movie of 2005

The Worst Movie of the Year (that I saw) was The Family Stone, a steaming pile of crap if I’ve ever stepped in one.

If you saw the previews for this movie, I’m willing to bet you assumed it to be a romantic comedy or a family-dynamic comedy or a holiday comedy. Notice the theme in that last sentence, please.

Do not expect to be entertained by laughter if you see this movie. It is not a comedy.

Well (you ask) if it’s not a comedy, what is it?

Drama? No, too stupid.
Tearjerker? No, too funny.
Chick Flick? No, too awful.

They managed to roll into a 100 minute movie almost every comedic, dramatic, or holiday cliche that exists. They put together a film with no theme, no believable plot, and a set of characters that you had no idea what the hell was going on with. It made me angry, it was so bad. I never leave movies halfway through, but if I hadn’t thought my wife would be pissed, I’d have got up and left that one.

BAD movie! No biscuit. See it at your peril.

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One Response to The Worst Movie of 2005

  1. Jeff says:

    Yeah, this just looked stupid from the outset. Throwing bunch of stars together dost not a movie make.

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