2005 List of Websites and Blogs

As a public service, here is a list of websites and blogs that I frequented during 2005. Hopefully this list will grow with worthy inhabitants during 2006!

Astronomy Picture of the Day. I can’t say enough good things about this website!
NOAA Geostationary Satellite Server. What’s the weather like? Go take a look. This site is particularly neat during hurricane season as you can see the tropical waves spawning off Africa.
Throw Paper! Self-explanatory.
Planarity.net. This still occasionally puts me in thrall.
The Register. I like the UK version.
Wikipedia. Wikipedia is King! Or Queen, depending.
Flags of the World. Most everything you every wanted to know about Flags.
Talk Origins. “Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy.”
Annals of Improbabl Research. Yay for the Ig Nobel awards!
Baen Publishing’s Free Library. Need a book to read for free? Here you go.

May I have the Blogroll, please…

Bad Astronomy Blog
Panda’s Thumb
Tangled Bank
Meandering Starre
SF Signal

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