Grenades & Gunsights

I spent (mis-spent) a good portion of my New Years Holiday playing online multiplayer Call of Duty 2. I learned several things (again):

1) I will never spend the kind of time or money that is necessary to be a rockin’ kick-ass first-person-shooter King. Just won’t happen. I’ll be happy with the .9 or so kill ratio I end up with.

2) Some people online need another hobby

3) If you play a game too much, you see it in your sleep, in your food, in fact, EVERYWHERE!

For an example of #3, take for instance a person, let’s call him Bill, who goes to bed around 11:30 after a rip-roaring team deathmatch battle where he did rather well, thank you very much. He settles down with Jane Austen (he’s re-reading Pride and Prejudice) and gets to the scene near the beginning of the book where Elizabeth is remarking about Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst at the first Ball. At this time, whilst Elizabeth is remarking about how much she does not care for those two, our hero’s mind insists on projecting the image of tossing a grenade ala COD2 at the two women.

Way too much… The last time I had dreams this vivid was after a 6 hour Tetris binge in the mid nineties.

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