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Cthulu for your Car

It’s a night for surfing around. Here is a site which lists a Cthulu antenna ball for your car. Intersting in and of itself, but take a look at this close up picture of a bunch of them together. Do … Continue reading

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SOTU 2006

It’s good to see that the State of the Union this year was once again: 1) Vague Platitudes 2) Unfunded Initiatives 3) Veiled insults to the opposite party Does anyone remember the “Death to People who Use Steroids”? I do…

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Tron + Depeche Mode = Way Cool

Check out this link, again ripped from SFSignal

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Word Cloud your Blog will take your blog and make it into a wordcloud such as this one. The words come from your website and size represents frequency. Just go to the link and check it out… Very nice, and they’ll make you … Continue reading

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ACLU Discussed to Death!

If you are not a reader of The Bad Astronomy Blog, I’ll point you to a recent post which has received a lot of comments. Quite interesting reading, from low to high brow.

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Challenger, STS 51-L Remembrance

January 26th, 2006 is the 20th anniversary of the Challenger Disaster. Seven astronauts lost their lives. Today, we remember them. My family and I had lived in Satellite Beach, Florida for nine years until the summer of 1985. We saw … Continue reading

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Learn to Speak!

This link takes you to a site with a good film about a boy learning to talk. Once you’ve entered, click on Le Film and enjoy!

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Top Ten Sci-Fi Films Never Made

For everyone’s reading enjoyment we have The Top Ten Sci-Fi Films That Never Existed. Very Nice.

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Lottery Retirement

Using the lottery as a retirement vehicle? I’d check out this website first.

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Child's No Behind is Left

Thanks to friend Fraudirector, I was made aware of this very scary article concerning the state of America’s College students. I’m not sure if I’m depressed or overjoyed. Depressed for America’s failing education system. Overjoyed that I have some serious … Continue reading

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