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"Take my viola. Please!"

The NY Times, in their emailed morning news articles, had the story of a pair of players in a former string Quartet who are being forced to give up their instruments to settle a bankruptcy debt. They declared bankruptcy after … Continue reading

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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

We saw Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe last Saturday. Quick review: Good. Go see it. Excellent scenery and CGI graphics. It didn’t depart very much from the book, which we appreciated (although there were a … Continue reading

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Argument by Incredulity

A British philosopher was quoted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution today saying, “A super-intelligence is the only good explanation for the origin of life and the complexity of nature.” This philosopher, Antony Flew, has been a devout atheist (if that … Continue reading

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How do you Code that?

Without trying to minimize the depth of tragedy concerning the death of a six-year-old boy when a Southwest jet slid off the runway in Chicago, (stories here, here, and here), the traffic engineer in me wonders how an investigator would … Continue reading

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Time Lapse with WebCams

I got turned on to this link a day or so ago. It is a man stitching together webcam jpgs to create time lapse footage of various things. I had a grand time watching the two Panama Canal videos, and … Continue reading

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Tangled Bank

For those of you not yet familiar with the concept of the blog carnivals, I’m not going to tell you about them. Instead, I’ll let you follow the links and discover for yourself. Instead of reading about blog carnivals, you … Continue reading

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Aeon Flux

Another week, another movie. This time it was Aeon Flux, starring Charlize Theron and other people I’ve never heard of. What to say… If you want to see Charlize Theron strutting around in a tight body suit, two thumbs up. … Continue reading

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Mapping the World

This website contains some interesting articles concerning the mapping of the world by the USSR. The first line in the first article sums it up quite amusingly. “Every Soviet president from Stalin to Gorbachev, and all their high-ranking officers, knew … Continue reading

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