Pride & Prejudice

We went to see Pride and Prejudice last Saturday. Unfortunately it was at the local theater that makes my legs hurt! I wish the theater with the good seats would start getting the movies I want to see. Harry Potter, Star Wars, they’ve all been at the other theater. Argh. I need to write a letter.

But, that’s not what the blog is about. Here is wholly detailed commentary regarding the film, but let me add a few wrinkles:

  • Keira Knightley’s smile is way to weird to have been in Edwardian England. She would have been burned as a witch or something
  • The woman who played Jane is the same woman who played the blond double-agent in Die Another Day, and the closeups on her DARK brown eyebrows with the blond hair were very distracting
  • There is a beautiful marble bust featured in the film (when Elizabeth is visting Darcy’s manor) which is a carving of a woman with a veil. It was difficult to tell if the veil was part of the carving or if it was actually a silk veil. Very neat
  • Make sure you bring tissues to give to the woman next to you during this film. “Are you crying? There’s no crying in Jane Austen!”
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