Road Geek

This link concerning Road Geeks came to me through one of my professional listservs.

…and technically, I’m violating the terms of my agreement by mentioning it’s existence. “IMPORTANT: This list is confidential. You should not publicly mention its existence[emphasis mine], or forward copies of information you have obtained from it to third parties.”

Confidential I can get along with. Not forwarding information and considering said information to be the property of the message owner I can do. Not mentioning the existence of the list? That’s kind of crazy.

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One Response to Road Geek

  1. Mike says:

    This guy’s an actuary… which already puts him in a high-risk bracket for mental instability.

    The funny thing is, I’m betting I’ve run across him on misc.transport.road, which used to be the best site out there for roadgeeking. (I’m partial to and now.) Also, he lives in CT, and we know what THAT can do to a person.

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