For the last few months, a developer has been bulding a twelve-home subdivision down the road a bit. They have signs up advertising them for “from the high 700’s” and we’d been meaning to mosey down and take a tour, just to see what a house of that price looks like.

Very impressive, although it’s more impressive from a sheer space perspective than from a “quality” perspective. These houses were thrown up at the maximum rate possible, but they still look nice. The house we toured had a HUGE master suite with a walk-in closet bigger than existing master bathroom and closet combined. This is a 5 bedroom, 5.5 bathroom monster with more space than we’d know what to do with. Our existing house and furnishings would be swallowed up by the ground floor with plenty of room leftover for other furnishings.

On the first floor is the master suite, as mentioned, and a sitting room, a dining room, a room we’re not sure what it would be for. The kitchen suite with a setup that is not precisely well-designed for cooking, the maid suite, the three-car garage, and of course the deck outside. The second floor has three bedrooms, each with a bathroom; a room overlooking the backyard that we decided would be a craft room, and of course all of the cathedral ceiling space the downstairs is taking up. The basement has a bedroom suite with bath, a “media room” which I personally think is badly designed for acoustics. a utilities room, a wine cellar, and about 4 other rooms that we don’t know what they are for.

Suffice to say, this almost $900k house was amazingly big, but I don’t know what the heck we’d do with the space. If we had another person living with us, plus a live-in housekeeper, and a family, we just might fill it, but otherswise, I don’t know…

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