Gross Irregularity in Harry Potter Film

Seven days until Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire hits the theaters. I was poking around in the internet movie database and discovered a shocking irregularity.

Spoilers follow!

In this studio still from the filming, you will see the names on the tombstone where Harry is used to bring Volemort back to his mortal body. This tomb is for Voldemort’s Father, his father’s wife, and his father’s son (I’m not calling them step-mother and half-brother because I don’t believe that applies in this case). They are, reading from the photo, Thomas Riddle (the father), …ry Riddle (which I assume to be the wife) and Tom Marvolo Riddle, who is Voldemort himself!

What the Hell? Voldemort killed his father and his father’s family for vengeance sake. We know this. His father never had anything to do with him. We know this too, and not from reading further forward in the series, it’s in Goblet! What the hell are they doing messing with the story like that? If they change up the relationships of people now, it will have serious repercussions in the future movies. It will almost be an alternate Harry Potter reality.


Another thing that’s got me confused are the dates on the tombstone. They are difficult to read in the still, but it looks like Voldemort (Tom Marvolo Riddle) “died” in 1946 which doesn’t even come close to matching the timeline of the book series. I’ll reserve final judgement on the last part of this rant until I’ve seen the movie and read those dates better.

[did you know that Harry Potter was in training to be a Jedi?]

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4 Responses to Gross Irregularity in Harry Potter Film

  1. Jeff says:

    Yeah, so I’ve also heard that they completely cut out S.P.E.W. which, although not a major plot point, is still mentioned fairly frequently in the next two books.

  2. Bill says:

    But, S.P.E.W. isn’t integral to the story, it merely develops Hermione’s character. The fact of Voldemort’s parentage is highly important, especially in Half Blood Prince.

    I don’t know. Once we’ve seen the actual scene in the movie, I may change my mind, but right now, that seems way off base.

  3. Starre says:

    So does this mean Voldemort doesn’t have a half brother? Interesting.

    But I agree this is a huge issue (if it is as it appears to be). How can Voldemort have died then. Who killed him? Did he kill himself? If so what was he doing with his father and father’s wife?

    My guess is that someone, probably someone who didn’t read the books, got Tom Riddle (aka once and future Voldemort) and Tom Riddle (aka Voldemort’s father’s other son with his non-witch wife) mixed up. They didn’t realize that Tom Marvolo Riddle is actually Voldemort’s real name and that the Marvolo part of the name comes from Voldemort’s mother side of the family. There is NO REASON that Tom Riddle the muggle would have Marvolo as a middle name.

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