The Joys!

The Joys of Home Ownership. I think this may become a recurring series. Today’s fun fiasco was the cause of much rejoicing, let me tell you.

Item A: Whoever designed our bathroom floor was a foolish person. They did not understand the cardinal rule of hydrology: “Water flows downhill.” If/When we redesign our bathroom, we will not have a tile floor around the tub, toilet, and shower that has a 3/4 inch lip higher than the attached carpeting for the vanity.

Item B: When your toilet, which is situated as the closest fixture to said carpet (unlike the tub and shower which have built-in, designed-for water catching devices) decides to deposit the contents on the floor, thusly soaking adjacent rug, mat, tackstrips, plywood with the a nice stew of bacteria, it’s a pain in the butt.

Item C: When I go into business for myself, it will be a disaster recovery business. Granted, the soaking of fifteen square feet of carpet with black water is not a “disaster” but it does qualify along those lines when a homeowner does not have access to the necessary equipment to deal with the important parts of the incident. Namely, the unpleasant portions of the water which are happily lodging in the crevices of wood, tile, and carpet.

Item D: It’s amazing how ironic this incident was, because my office flooded last weekend due to the coffeemaker supply line breaking on Friday night and leaving the better part of 3,000 gallons of water to be discovered on Sunday. We just got rid of the dehumidifiers and centrifugal fans today and now I’ve got one in my bedroom. Yee ha.

As I said, ” The Joys of Home Ownership.” No longer can I merely call the landlord and let him/her deal with the problem. However, it’s nice to be able to know exactly what you’re going to do about the problem, subject only to your skills and pocketbook.

Tomorrow, we can talk about termites!

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