NY Times' Bitch

Sometimes I feel like I’m the NY Times’ Bitch because so many of the leads I get for blog postings comes directly from their online news service.

For example! Today they have an article about…Bird Flu [ominous music, kettle drums, etc]. Specifically about some questions raised by researchers into the 1918 Influenze epidemic that killed so many people. Questions such as, “Does the H5N1 virus actually have the capability to cause a human Pandemic?” and “What bird did the 1918 bird-type flu come from?”

It seems that there are some things about the current bird flu scare that no one has mentioned in my hearing. Such as that a large number or rural asians already have antibodies to H5N1, meaning they’ve already been exposed ergo no large pandemic.

Don’t forget to use Bug Me Not to avoid those pesky mandatory signups. I’m registered with NY Times, but only so they’ll send me an email with headlines everyday.

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