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Pride & Prejudice

We went to see Pride and Prejudice last Saturday. Unfortunately it was at the local theater that makes my legs hurt! I wish the theater with the good seats would start getting the movies I want to see. Harry Potter, … Continue reading

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Freaky Cool Asteroid!

Monday’s Astronomy Picture of the Day is of asteroid Itokawa, which is currenlty being examined by a Japanese spacecraft named Hayabusa. This is a fascinating mission which involves a sample return, but that’s not why I’m writing this… Take a … Continue reading

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Road Geek

This link concerning Road Geeks came to me through one of my professional listservs. …and technically, I’m violating the terms of my agreement by mentioning it’s existence. “IMPORTANT: This list is confidential. You should not publicly mention its existence[emphasis mine], … Continue reading

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Thin Member Fracture (a.k.a. Fun with Spaghetti)

What do you do during your lunch break? Today, I decided to check out who was awarded the 2005 Ig Nobel Awards and for what. My favorite one of these was the alarm clock that runs away and hides, which … Continue reading

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The Truth is Out There

There are good reasons to read other blogs. For one, no one is an expert at more than a few things. For two, more famous people get sent more interesting links. Example taken from The Bad Astronomy Blog: Save yourself … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: The Movie

SPOILERS We saw Goblet of Fire last Friday night. My rating is B+. I thought that the first half of the movie was spectacular, and the last half of the movie was good. I found this movie somewhat different from … Continue reading

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Gross Irregularity in Harry Potter Film II

SPOILER WARNING Well, I must confess that I made a slight error in my post Gross Irregularity in Harry Potter Film. I believe that the names on the tombstone (in the Book) are Tom Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort’s father, and Tom … Continue reading

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Computer Experiment II

This is why I love the internet. 15 Years ago, if I were trying to hack my computer, I’d have to dig out a DOS manual or call a friend who knew more than me. Now, I can just query … Continue reading

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Google Maps and Risk!

Ripped from SF Signal, the definitive Google Maps Hack: Risk!

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Complete Lunation

The Astronomy Picture of the Day for November 13, 2005 is spectacular!

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