Breakfast with Kai Ryssdal

Headshot of Kai Ryssdal, Taken without permission from
This morning, Jenn and I attended a WABE (Atlanta Public Radio 90.1 FM) function with special guest Kai Ryssdal from Marketplace, of American Public Media. This was free event sponsored by a whole host of companies, and it was quite nice to be at.

Mr. Ryssdal was engaging, as one would expect if you’ve ever heard him on air (Marketplace, on at 6:30 PM Eastern 5 days a week, on your friendly neighborhood public radio station). He talked about the types of programs that the Marketplace staff did, how none of them were business people, and weren’t really interested in doing “business” stories. Again, if you’re familiar with the show, you know they take an off-beat angle on business and economics. A specific reference to this was brought up by the GM of WABE who mentioned the piece Marketplace did on the economics of exotic dancing.

The man has an exceptional voice. It was soothing to listen to him. If you ever have a chance to hear him speak, I would recommend it.

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  1. Tenner says:

    He does have a rather nice voice, but Ryssdal, David Brown, and David Brancaccio (former host) always sounded like they were the same person to me.

  2. Bill says:

    He and Brown do have very similar sounding voices. I never listened during the Brancaccio years.

  3. psychowoof says:

    I do like MarketPlace when I can catch it on my drive home. Actually, it was a sign that the semester had started again, when I found myself listening to NPR on my drive to/from work. (And I happily live within range of two NPR stations. WFCR – the local out of Amherst. WAMC out of Albany – good after 9am when the local switches to classical music.)

  4. Mike says:

    I dig Ryssdal and his voice, but my two all-time favorite voices on radio are Karl Cassel and Dave Morey. Doesn’t hurt that both of them are brilliant, articulate, and funny…

  5. Starre says:

    Kai is hot! He is attractive, articulate, dresses well, smart, and he flew planes for the Navy. And he was in the foreign service.

    And I’m mostly writing this to tease Bill as he wouldn’t let me make a last minute change to my *list* to add Kai.

  6. Tenner says:

    If it’s the *list* I think of, that’s no fair. The list is changeable at will, at least in my opinion.

  7. Mike says:

    It all depends on if your list is laminated. But yeah, it should work like Fantasy Hockey… you should be able to make trades, put people in injured reserve, put them on waivers, as long as you maintain the same roster size.

  8. Bill says:

    The List requires authorization from the partner invovled for changes/additions. Subtractions can happen at any time.

  9. Starre says:

    We were talking about this recently and I thought the list was limited to 3 people. Turns out Bill did not think the same thing. Cool… unlimited!

    Bill keeps not allowing me to put people on that I could actually maybe possibly get. Like Richard Hatch (form Battlestar). I so could have slept with him. Of course I didn’t want to add him to the list. But even if I had…
    Bill is much more limiting than I am. I don’t think I’ve said no to a single person he wanted to add.

  10. Tenner says:

    I’m all for the list, but having an unlimited list seems to be kind of pointless… I mean, why bother having a list if everyone in the known universe is on it?

    On the other hand, the list is supposed to be FUN… it’s only worth thinking about if there’s actually a chance that you could sleep with the person who was deemed listworthy.

    So I’d rule that you can have as many people as you want on the list as long as (1) they have some semblance of celebrity, and (2) there’s not much chance you’d ever get them.

    Therefore, Kai Rysdaal is in because he meets both criteria. Penalty on the defense. Fifteen yard penalty, repeat third down.

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