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Another Good Laugh

The Onion has managed to enact mass hilarity inside my brain with their breaking news item, “Bush to Nominate Next Person who Walks Through the Door.”

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Ha ha

From The Panda’s Thumb, comes a very amusing quote: “Did you hear about the mafioso who studied French deconstructionist philosophy? He goes around making people offers that they can’t understand. “

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Common Census Map Project

I just participated in the Common Census Map Project. Here is a summary from their website. The CommonCensus Map Project is redrawing the map of the United States based on Internet users’ voting, to show how the country is organized … Continue reading

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Missed Pop-Cult Opportunity

I realized today that I missed an opportunity to declare a Jumped the Shark moment. This depresses me because I don’t get to, with little thought, entwine myself deeper into the industrio-tv culture. Maybe next time. To that end, referencing … Continue reading

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Liz Phair at the Roxy

Jenn and I went to the Roxy Theater last night to see Liz Phair in concert, with Matt Pont PA opening. Starting with Matt Pond PA, they were quite good. I liked their music enough to buy the album on … Continue reading

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Blogs and Google!

Something good must be going on. After years of languishing deep down in the archives of Google, now if you search “ruhsam” you get my blog as the top spot! Woo hoo for egos!

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Never Look at the Sun!

Never Look at the Sun! Especially with a telescope in between you and it. Don’t believe me? Try the link and see what happens to a conspicuously eyeball-sized grape that is placed in front of the eyepiece of a solar … Continue reading

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Mortality Statistics

As learned from Matt Rosenberg at, there is a website out there, which has some fascinating information. Specifically, for this post, mortality statistics by country. What are you most likely to die of? Use the drop down menus … Continue reading

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Breakfast with Kai Ryssdal

This morning, Jenn and I attended a WABE (Atlanta Public Radio 90.1 FM) function with special guest Kai Ryssdal from Marketplace, of American Public Media. This was free event sponsored by a whole host of companies, and it was quite … Continue reading

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LOST is Crap, Tripe, Shit

You will note from my earlier post about Lost of one week ago that I was not particularly happy with the second episode of this Lost season. J. J. Abrams has proved to me, like he did with Alias, that … Continue reading

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