Engineering and Humanities

Dr. Domenico Grasso, Dean of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Vermont has placed an article concerning the future/present/morality of engineering into

I commented on it, but we’ll see if it appears. General consensus from the comments is that the man is full of crap, but he does make some good points. I agree that more humanities should be taught to engineers. I think the “lesser”* engineering schools like state schools in Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvannia, have a good plan by concentrating less on engineering topics and injecting some humanities studies into the curriculum.

You can read and decide for yourself.

*Don’t get all hot and bothered if you went to A&M or Georgia Tech. I think those are excellent schools. I’m poking fun at the people who went (like me) to RPI or to MIT, Cornell, Cal Tech, etc., who feel that anyone who didn’t pay $27,000 a year for their education is dumber than dirt.

Update 9/26/05: I forgot to mention that I received notice of this from Fraudirector. I suppose by not citing correctly in the first place, I was guilty of plagiarism in the first degree, which is causing the sun to slowly cool off and eventually will lead to the heat death of the universe.

Update 9/28/05: Dr. Grasso has posted a response to the responses on the captioned website.

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