Disappointment at the Fox

Jenn and I went to see The Phantom of the Opera last night at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, GA. My overal rating was “eh.”

The show itself was good, with good renditions and strong vocals. The sound quality was a bit muddy, but we were way over on the left side of the orchestra seating (EE 21 and 23) which didn’t help matters. The vocal interpretations were also good, and there were some changes to the lyrics to keep those of us who are familiar with the official soundtrack on our toes.

Unfortunately, I will never never never never never go to the Fox Theater again for an off-Broadway show. This is the first theater I’ve been in where they allow you to bring drinks and food to your seat and munch munch munch your way through the second act! This was horribly distracting and in my opinion, unacceptable. This sort of activity would not be tolerated in the northeast and I find it disappointing that they allow it in the cultural center of the South.

I was also privileged with the only obstructed-view seat in the house. The woman in front of me was six feet tall and had done her hair so that it stuck out from her head about 3 inches in all directions. I was tempted to get a glass of water and slick it down for her! Either that or light it on fire; I’m sure the hair products she used would have conflagrated nicely. Thankfully for me, she left during intermission.

Before the show, Jenn and I ate at Eno on the corner of Peachtree Street and 5th Street in Midtown, Atlanta. The food was excellent and their homemade foccacia was splendiferous. Their wine selection is extensive and their recommendations for particular foods was right on in my case (fetuccini with sicilian sausage). We’ll go back.

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