Indigo Girls

Last night I saw the Indigo Girls live at the Chastain Park Ampitheater, Atlanta! This culminates a 14 year odyssey to see them perform in concert. For one reason or another, I’ve been missing their concerts since 1991. Now, I’m a satisfied man.

Their concert was excellent. They are a muscicians group, not a performance group, if you understand the difference. They had no bling on stage; no pyrotechnics. Just them and a gazillion different guitars (and a harmonica, once).

They were opened by Magnapop which didn’t blow up my skirt. However, Magnapop apparently alternates with another group, Three 5 Human, who were excellent. They played a few songs with Indigo Girls at the end of the concert. We’re going to look into them.

An amusing story from the concert: The last song played, by Indigo and Three-5, started up and everyone was singing. Jenn and I looked at each other. I asked her, “Should I know this song? I don’t recognize it.” Jenn replied, “Maybe it’s on the new album” (which I don’t have yet).

Then the chorus comes and we realize that the song is “Midnight Train to Georgia.”

I guess we had better learn that one.

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  1. psychowoof says:

    Actually there are a few new albums if you haven’t been keeping track. Become You was released in 2002, All That We Let In was released in 2004, and Rarities was just released in June.

    “Midnight Train to Georgia” is on the 1200 Curfews album.

    Sigh, poor boy. I’ve seen them 3 times since 1991 (once in Hartford, once in Albany on the Plaza, and once at SPAC – oh, right, you were supposed to go with me to that one but moved to TX instead).

  2. Bill says:

    I purchased All That We Let In today (along with Green Day’s American Idiot) so I’m almost caught up.

    I wasn’t a big fan of Come on Now Social and I had no opportunity to see them in Lubbock, so I kinda dropped out of the scene.

    I see from looking around that Amy Ray has had some solo albums. I’ll have to pick those up when I have a chance.

  3. psychowoof says:

    I was also not a huge fan of Come on Now Social. Become You is a pretty good album. It was kinda silly for me to pick up Rarities because I already had 95% of the album downloaded off Napster (in the days when it was free and illegal).

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