Indigo Girls

Last night I saw the Indigo Girls live at the Chastain Park Ampitheater, Atlanta! This culminates a 14 year odyssey to see them perform in concert. For one reason or another, I’ve been missing their concerts since 1991. Now, I’m a satisfied man.

Their concert was excellent. They are a muscicians group, not a performance group, if you understand the difference. They had no bling on stage; no pyrotechnics. Just them and a gazillion different guitars (and a harmonica, once).

They were opened by Magnapop which didn’t blow up my skirt. However, Magnapop apparently alternates with another group, Three 5 Human, who were excellent. They played a few songs with Indigo Girls at the end of the concert. We’re going to look into them.

An amusing story from the concert: The last song played, by Indigo and Three-5, started up and everyone was singing. Jenn and I looked at each other. I asked her, “Should I know this song? I don’t recognize it.” Jenn replied, “Maybe it’s on the new album” (which I don’t have yet).

Then the chorus comes and we realize that the song is “Midnight Train to Georgia.”

I guess we had better learn that one.

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