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New GPS Satellite Launched

Geocaching will get easier soon, with the introduction of the next generation of Global Positioning System satellites. The latest satellite was launced Sunday from Cape Canaveral. 9/30/05 Update: Hahahahaha…whoops. “GPS” now replacing the old “GSP” which was in the title. … Continue reading

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Cobb Rates Highly

Cobb County, Georgia, is once again regarded as a top ten place! The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that The Campaign to Defend the Constitution has rated Cobb County number two on it’s “Islands of Ignorance” list. [Use Bug Me Not … Continue reading

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The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search continues. Mersenne 8,797,639 is not prime. So says my computer, the slowest computer in the world.

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LOST = Arrrrggh!

Raise your hand with me if last night’s episode of LOST pissed you off beyond all comprehension! “Tune in tonigh to find out the fates of all the castaways,” was the byline (paraphrased) for last night’s episode. What we found … Continue reading

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Engineering and Humanities

Dr. Domenico Grasso, Dean of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Vermont has placed an article concerning the future/present/morality of engineering into I commented on it, but we’ll see if it appears. General consensus from the comments … Continue reading

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Attention Live Journal Feed Readers!

Hey there! If you are reading this feed on Live Journal, I would request that you either delete it from your friends list, or take the trouble to comment back on the original blog entry. Jim is attempting to kill … Continue reading

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Hurricane Diapers to the Rescue!,2933,170254,00.html This was brought to my attention by a co-worker. Fox News had an interview a Mr. Peter Cordani who wants to use the same sort of gel used in diapers to disrupt hurricanes a little bit. My first instinctive … Continue reading

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Disappointment at the Fox

Jenn and I went to see The Phantom of the Opera last night at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, GA. My overal rating was “eh.” The show itself was good, with good renditions and strong vocals. The sound quality was … Continue reading

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No More Leap Seconds?

The Royal Astronomical Society has taken a position regarding the proposed abolishment of leap seconds. Well, that was news to me, so I had to go do some reading to determine what this was all about. The above position statement … Continue reading

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America the Lazy

Yesterday was a special tax election for Cobb County, Georgia. The proposed tax was a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) that is a tool to allow municipalities and counties to levy themselves for specific, earmarked purchases. This SPLOST … Continue reading

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