Bush has Made me ANGRY!

In a lot of respects, I find myself the Bush-defender when I’m engaged in conversations with my generally-more-democratic friends. I defend his energy bill (a bit) and a lot of his foreign policy decisions, and lament generally on the state of politics.

Then, however, he comes out with something so mind-boggingly stupid that I want to go find him and smack him one. I was alerted through The Panda’s Thumb last week concerning his comments about teaching intelligent design in America’s schools “so people can understand what the debate is about.”

At the time, I dropped it into the pit of my sarcastic soul as another one of those stupid bushisms. Unfortuately, TIME magazine picked up the topic and ran with it. Their article, to be kind, is so scrupulously “fair” as to give perfect credence to the numbskull reasoning behind Intelligent Design arguments, which shows a lack of knowledge by the reporter of the basic issues concerning evolutionary theory.

This stuff just pisses me off! I hate reading this stuff and feeling like I need to go out, find someone who supports ID, and club them.

Rant over. Tune in next week

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