Wet & Wild or Boring & Mild?

Mr. John Sassatelli was in town last week for some GE voodoo and was gifted with the opportunity to stay with us over the weekend. Much fun was had, several games were played, some beer was drunk, and we went white water rafting on the Ocoee river in Tennessee. Ocoee Rafting was our host and Doug was our guide.

Doug offered us the option at the beginning of the trip of “Wet and Wild or Boring and Mild?” John, Jenn, and I opted for Wet and Wild but the other occupants of the raft were less inclined to be rolled down the river without a raft. Doug stuck John and I at the front of the raft where we were guaranteed the roughest ride.

(we were also guaranteed the hardest ride on your legs, knees, and hips. You jam your feet into the crevice between the side pontoons and the floor of the raft, which leaves you in an odd, twisted position considering you are expected to lean way out and pull hard with your paddle)

I expect that Doug does not consider it a good trip down the river unless he’s managed to dump at least one passenger. Luckily that passenger was me. It was odd how unexpected it was when I fell out of the raft given we’d gone 4 miles down the river already with us all hanging on for dear life. Suffice to say, I didn’t drown.

It was a good time on the Middle Ocoee. This company also offers a full day trip including the Upper Ocoee, which is where the Olympics in ’96 were, and the Middle. We plan to go back sometime and do the whole thing.

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