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Bad Astronomy Blogs Astrology

There’s an amusing entry today over at The Bad Astronomy Blog.

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Americans Want Creationism!

According to a NY Times article published today, “64 percent [of Americans] said they were open to the idea of teaching creationism in addition to evolution…” This is fascinatingly scary! Of course, I also understand where it is coming from: … Continue reading

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Flying Spaghetti Monster Invasion!

My Flying Spaghetti Monster: Touched By His Noodly Appendage T-Shirt is here! (Jenn bought the pirate vs. global temperature mug for school) I plan to wear in to DragonCon this weekend and wander around the X Track, which consists of … Continue reading

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Engineer Girl!

Know a middle- or high-schooler girl who might want to enter an Essay Contest? Try the Engineering: Improving Our World Essay Contest from the National Academy of Engineering. This might be a good way to have a young girl or … Continue reading

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Diamonds Were a Girl's Best Friend

Diamonds have been demoted! They are no longer the hardest material in existence. Suffice to say that Mr. Buckminster Fuller is getting his due name recognition. Here are some example Bulk Moduli for common material. Notice the one at the … Continue reading

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Very cool Astronomy Picture of the Day, today.

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Playing with Doomsday!

Ever have a really bad day at work? Drop a large asteroid on it! Next door neighbor using your lawn as a leaf depository? Slam a 100 km ice comet into him at solar escape velocity! Go to Solar System … Continue reading

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Maggots and Leaches, Oh My!

Anyone who knows me relatively well, or has listened to me spout about the Flying Spaghetti Monster, knows that I’m a skeptic. Psychic abilites, astrology, ghosts: I’m not down with that. There are reasons which I could elaborate on, but … Continue reading

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Destination: Obfuscation!

The is the title of a document being worked on for the Federal Highway Administration. “INTEGRATED PLANNING WORK GROUP BASELINE REPORT AND PRELIMINARY GAP ANALYSIS: DELIBERATIVE DRAFT” Without investigating it, I have no idea what this means, and this is … Continue reading

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Art of Science

The following website was brought to my attention by the Bad Astronomer. It is called The Art of Science and it contains some very cool images.

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