Long, long ago, in my relative youth, I decided to pick up Dianetics by L.R. Hubbard and see what the heck it was all about. Entirely out of curiosity, I might add, rather than a desire to improve my teenage life.

Congratulations to Mr. Hubbard because he was the first author who received my chuck-it-out-the-window treatment! What a load of crap, and I only read the introduction! If a teenager of my inexperience could recognize the total load of bullshit that was contained there, then why is Scientology such a big player in popular culture? God only knows, but she’s not telling. My bet is because of their practice of recruiting actors and musicians like Tom Cruise , John Travolta and Beck. (for info on Cruise’s weird Matt Lauer interview recently, try the Friday, June 24, 2005 edition of )

Note: People find solace and comfort in all sorts of places, and it is not my place to insist on where they should go for it. Scientology is no weirder than some other non-harmful ways of life, but the Church of Scientology is really beyond weird.

Don’t believe me though. Check it out for yourself.

A comprehensive guide to Scientology and the CoS
The official Church of Scientology website
Wikipedia entry on Xenu – I love Wikipedia!

I would add more, but the sites already mentioned can give you plenty of links further.

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