Golf by Ear

Yesterday, I watched attentively as Tiger Woods and Peter Hedblom teed off on the last round of the 2005 US Open Golf Tournament. Dad and I paid attention until about the third hole and then we left to go to a Father’s Day dinner. This was immediately after Retief Goosen, the leader at -3 teed off.

After dinner, I got back into my car and traveled home from Birmingham to Marietta, which takes about 2.5 hours. I was curious how the tournament was proceeding, so I found a CBS affiliate on the AM dial and listened as I drove.

Golf by radio is fascinatingly tense! I found myself all hunched up over the wheel, breathless as Tiger tried to make his par on 16. I groaned with the gallery when he missed. I thought, when I turned on the radio, that I’d just find out the leaderboard and then go back to my Killers CD, but I was hooked and listened until Michael Campbell missed penultimate putt (to a soft groan) and then sank his 2.5 foot bogie putt to win the Open.

It was strangely fascinating.

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