Revenge of the Sith: After The Fact

We saw it! The crowd who gathered at the theater in Kennesaw was much rowdier than the one we’d particpated with in Lubbock for Attack of the Clones. A lot of people were in costume. The majority dressed as Jedi. (I’ve got nothing against women role-players, but seeing a Darth Vader with boobs prominently on display is weird)

For now, to avoid persons accusing me of spoiling it ahead of time, I will only say this:

  • Effects, mucho grande
  • Acting, so so (I think Yoda did the best job)
  • Story, not as tight as it could have been, but Lucas had to tie everything up
  • Lightsaber Battles, awesome. Best part of the movie.

Don’t expect a lot of philosophising just yet on this topic. I need to see it again before I can make a good judgement.

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