Revenge of the Sith

Tonight, at 12:01 AM, we see Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, along with a gazillion other crazy persons. People at work have told me to stay home tomorrow, or call in sith (stolen from the Atlanta Journal Constitution). I’m sure I’ll be wired and fired upon arrival at 8:00 to tell people just how great/crazy/loud/spooky/predictable/dissapointing/overrated/underated it was. Hopefully I will not be locked in my office until the madness wears off.

Questions to be answered, in no particular order:
1) Who is the most deserving of blame where the generation of the Empire and the takeover by Palpatine is considered?
a) Amidala (for evicting the previous Chancellor and for some odd reason falling in love with a whiny Jedi Apprentice)
b) Palpatine (he does become THE EMPEROR after all, through connivance and assasination)
c) Annakin (for being a little whiny boy who can’t keep his feelings in check)
d) Qui Gon Gin (for picking up Annakin despite everyone else’s grave misgivings)
e) Jar Jar Binks (for being a general dweeb and calling for the creation of the Army of the Republic)
f) Bain Organa (for not seeing throug the machinations of Palpatine and earlier and attempting to put a stop to them)
g) Obi Wan (for not training Annakin well enough to be a good, nice, Jedi)

My vote is usually Amidala, but that’ s just to get a rise out of my wife. I think that ultimately it’s all Palpatine’s fault, but Qui Gon’s bears a large share.

2) Will technologically advanced cultures every learn the sort of tactics common in medeival armies, or will they line up their troops and charge as usual.

3) Are clonetroopers any more accurate than stormtroopers?

4) Do clonetroopers have better armor than stormtroopers, i.e. can withstand the blow of a rock thrown by an Ewok?

5) If any mechanically-declined Jedi can make a lightsaber, why aren’t there more of them knocking around the universe being used as convenient can openers, power-coupling cutters, industrial tools, etc., which they are eminently suitable for.

6) What happens to C-3po’s memory and the little rockets that R2-D2 has? (the assumption here is that R2-D2 may very well remember everything that happens in Episodes 1-3 during the Luke Epoch, but chooses not to disclose painful family history)

Man, I could go on and on. We’ll leave it at that. 5 Hours 28 minutes until the movie.

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